Remote monitoring
& control

Firecoach makes it possible to remotely monitor the performance of your sprinkler systems. This makes it possible to see remotely how your installation is doing. The advantage of this is that you don't have to specifically go to the location to find out. In addition to monitoring, Firecoach makes it possible to test your sprinkler system remotely. With a growth in the number of maintenance contracts, it is important to be able to guarantee quality first. With Firecoach you can perform the weekly test remotely. This will be done through the same protocols as in the field. In this way you can do several tests per day with the same quality.

More grip with remotely collected data

Firecoach helps installers and end users to gain more insight into the use of their sprinkler systems and to anticipate possible complications. Efficient work is a must with the control of the installations within an organization. Thanks to our knowledge and experience of service activities, such as (diesel) engines, we know which parameters are interesting to analyze. The combination of this knowledge and Firecoach's technology gives you insight into practical matters that can save you time and make optimal use of your sprinkler system.

Work more efficiently through remote control

In the previous section it became clear that working efficiently is a must. To reinforce this, an important part of Firecoach is the remote testing of the installation. In this way, the Firecoach offers many advantages with regard to the efficient deployment of personnel. By fully analyzing the steps of a physical weekly test, we are convinced that the same quality can be delivered with a remote test. The physical test will not disappear completely, but a number of trips to the pump room will be replaced by digital tests.

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At WB Firepacks they produce, test, install, repair, maintain and renovate fire related solutions. WB Firepacks deals with the core of fire protection on a daily basis. Everything in and around the pump room – the heart of the installation – receives our explicit attention. WB Firepacks is also part of a group of fire prevention related companies: Firepacks Group. The group includes: WB Firepacks, HSA Firepacks, Firepacks France and Fire Lion Global. With offices in the Netherlands, Germany, France and the United States, the application is based on many insights.

More than just fire extinguishing systems

At WB Firepacks we supply more than just engines. We provide service, parts, training, engineering and consultancy. We have often been in contact with our customers for many years, know their companies through and through, understand the market in which they operate and therefore fully understand the challenges they encounter.

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