The fire protection market is always looking for solutions with which they can guarantee safety in the future. Digitization is an important part of this solution. Firecoach makes it possible to remotely monitor the performance of your sprinkler systems. This ensures that it is always possible to see how the installation is doing.

In addition to monitoring, Firecoach makes it possible to manage sprinkler systems remotely. With a shrinking technical staff, it is important to be able to guarantee the quality of the tests. At the moment, this is mainly done by service technicians, but by installing even more sensors, more data will become available. This makes it possible to deal with the assessment of an installation in a more efficient way.

The weekly test is performed according to a fixed protocol. Firecoach makes it possible to go through this process digitally. In this way, several tests can be performed per day with the same quality. It is important that this process is done in a safe manner. Below you will find various measures that have been taken:

Connection between Firecoach module and Google Cloud Platform

  • Connection to both front-end and back-end is done exclusively through SSL connection by using a valid SSL certificate.
  • Users can only create an account by invitation (from support or a user with the correct rights).
  • The users who create an account must first confirm their own e-mail address before they can activate the account.
  • The back-end is hosted and managed by Google infrastructure. The functions are managed in GCP (Google Cloud Platform) and the database is managed in Firebase. For more information about the privacy and security of the platforms mentioned above, see the following links:
  • The Firecoach modules (hardware) are in contact through a secure socket connection, before this connection is set up, both the module and the server must authenticate themselves. If it turns out that the module or the server cannot (correctly) authenticate itself, the connection will be refused.
  • The secure socket connections are set up from an intermediate server that runs on DigitalOcean's infrastructure. These connections also only take place via SSL connections. For more information about the security of the platform mentioned above, see the following link:
  • When the connection between the Firecoach module and the server is lost, the module checks whether any commands were in progress that do not correspond to the default values. If this is the case, the Firecoach module returns the controls to the default values. In addition, all users who are linked to the system receive a notification that the connection has been (temporarily) broken.
  • When the Firecoach module cannot send its data due to network failure, it saves its data and sends it later when the connection is restored.

Are you looking for a professional and sustainable system for managing your sprinkler systems?