Get more insight
into and control over your sprinkler
systems remotely

Firecoach gives you remote insight into and control over your sprinkler systems. The result: more efficient deployment of personnel, less maintenance and insight into the performance of your sprinkler systems.

Optimal insight into and control over your sprinkler system

Firecoach makes it possible to remotely monitor the performance of your sprinkler systems. This makes it possible to see remotely how your installation is doing. The advantage of Firecoach is that you don't have to specifically go to the location to see this. In addition to monitoring, Firecoach makes it possible to manage your sprinkler system remotely. With a growth in the number of maintenance contracts, it is important to be able to guarantee quality first. With Firecoach you can perform the weekly test remotely. This will be done through the same protocols as in the field. In this way you can do several tests each day with the same quality.

With Firecoach,
your installation is never alone

With Firecoach you stay connected to your sprinkler system. You will receive notifications of the various activities, so that you can take action. Gain insight into the use of the sprinkler system and start with automatically generated monthly reports.



Connected 24/7 to all your sprinkler systems. Firecoach signals and informs calamities.

Reporting certificate

Would you like to check whether the weekly test has been done correctly? Log in and check the dates!

Remote control

Stop going to the location for every weekly test. Test your installation from a central location with the same quality.

Predictive maintenance

What's better than problem solving? Prevent of course!

Other products

Firecoach is so user-friendly that other products can also be connected.


It is possible to integrate Firecoach on existing Fire Report Centre/Building management systems/ customers’ own systems.



We use Firecoach to measure relevant data. With a Plug & Play connector it is possible to measure relevant parameters quickly and easily. By monitoring your current fire fighting installation, we identify where there are possible improvements.


The data is clearly displayed from Firecoach in the online dashboard. You get a clear and clear picture of how your machines are performing. In addition to the overview, you can also make reports about the operating hours within a certain period, such as monthly reports.


With Firecoach you can test your sprinkler system remotely. In this way you can deploy your staff more efficiently. With a virtual control panel, the installation is easy to test. From starting the engine to opening control valves.


We don't stop with remote testing and collecting and presenting the data. Based on the data analysis and our knowledge and experience of engines and fire protection applications, we advise you on the optimization of your sprinkler system.

What's in it?

More efficient deployment of colleagues

Remote insight into all installations

Reduction of downtime

Logging data online

Reduction of fuel use

Our mobile
Firecoach application

We like convenience and speed.